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Technology can be overwhelming!

  • Do you fear having a tech problem and not knowing how to fix it?
  • Do you avoid the computer because you're not exactly sure how to use it?
  • Do you wish you had someone out there who could give you a hand? 
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Let me show you how to make tech work for you (not against you!) in a way that's...








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Hi! I'm Betsy –and I want you to love technology.

My motto in life is #You'veGotThis

I was born a tech lover and spend my days spreading tech joy/love/tolerance to those who aren't tech lovers – yet!

You may not realize this...but tech was created to make your life easier and your business run smoother. That's where I come in...you struggle and I help! 

Remember my motto #You'veGotThis and know that I've got your back!

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I've made life a lot easier for these friends.

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Barb F.
Real Estate Professional

"I've been in the adult education field for 30+ years and have never found a better technology trainer than Betsy Coyne. Her classes are designed to be easy to follow, she takes the time to answer student questions and is one of the most patient trainers I've ever met."

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Theresa B
Inspirational Coach

"I've never worked with anybody like Betsy who can take the complicated and make it simple.  And because she has the uncanny ability to do that, Betsy is my go-to for any tech questions I might have."

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Meg Burrage
Kajabi Specialist

“Launching can be a nerve-wracking time and there’s no one else I would like by my side as a Launch Wing Woman than Betsy Coyne. I bring Betsy in for all my live events because she's a wonderful facilitator. Over the years she taught my students (& me!) how to use Zoom breakout rooms effectively in our programs and she’s my preferred guest speaker on gamification. Work with Betsy, you’ll be glad you did!” 

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You're 3 steps away from saying goodbye to tech stress!


Whether I'm your tech teacher, your online launch wingwoman or your one-on-one coach

my goal is to cheerfully ease your tech stress, so you can do YOU better!


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Tell Betsy your tech issues and stress and she'll prescribe the steps to take to tackle your tech issues. Don't worry, there will be hand holding.


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With Betsy in your pocket, it's time to overcome those tech fears and grow your business.

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I want to tackle tech!


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